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  1. I try to watch everything on Cruz. You see, I’m very biased.
    That said, I saw this on Friday.

    It was the best, most concise explanaiton of the fact that Cruz totally gets it. He knows how economy works, free trade, personal property and rights. And his plans are the best out there for this country and us, the citizens.

    Did I see that the average family would save $7300/year with his tax plan? I think I did!
    Love that too!


  2. To kind of reinforce what each of us is saying. I too am impressed with Ted Cruz and what he knows. Since the first time I had an opportunity to ask a direct question of him when he first ran for Senate, I knew this guy was the real deal. He has consistently voted as a True Conservative. He reads every bill and he writes outstanding bills. He stands almost alone in the Senate because he refuses to compromise away our true Conservative background in America. He is a Constitutional Expert and the rest of the Senate knows it, which is some of why they (99 others) seem to hate him. Don’t hold his genius and his consistency against him … hold your anger against the rest of the Senate who are willing to sell out at the drop of a dime. If you don’t know what a Snake Oil Salesman looks like all you have to do is look at the latest press picture of Trump.


  3. It’s a shame that the video is so long – too long to capture the interest of most Trumpanzees. They thrive on sound bites and are characterized by short attention spans (obviously). I believe that video should be pushed by the Cruz campaign as a challenge to Trump supporters. Challenge them to invest 45 min. of their time to “verify” their choice as a presidential candidate by trying to envision Donald Trump in Cruz’s place answering every one of those questions – seriously. He simply cannot do it. I’d be willing to bet the farm that Trump couldn’t do what Cruz did.

    But alas, I know that is a pipe dream. Trump is smart enough never to debate Cruz or to be placed in a position where the two could be easily compared. He’d lose every time.

    I am going to ask Bobbie to distribute the link to this post to her Tennessee Cruz campaign buddies for them to spread around.


    • I’m sure it could be edited by eliminating segment, but the whole hour (less commercial spots) is what gives you the full picture of the man.

      He kind of has a “Renaissance Man” vibe about him. He doesn’t know everything, and knows that about himself; he’s strongly opinionated, yet still humble. He knows enough at the granular level to know when the wool is being spun. And he knows enough from the philosophic level to understand the difference between strategy and tactics.

      Actually, Kathy, devoting that hour was one of the wisest investments he could make to convince moneyed people nationally to give him an ear. So many believe the MSM bomb-thrower characterization that to be able to defuse that while in polite, but hostile, environs was invaluable.


  4. ” . . . we need a man with character – not a man who is a character.”

    Kathy, truer words were never spoken!


  5. Same here – I ended up watching the entire thing and the amount of information in this man’s head is absolutely amazing. The changes he can make in this country will be equally amazing.

    That he gave up an hour of his time to answer all those questions says a lot about the character of the man too, and that’s what we need. If we’re going to turn this country around we need a man with character – not a man who is a character.


  6. I’m in complete agreement with CW. In fact, I only watched the whole thing on her recommendation. It was excellent and well worth watching. I couldn’t help but mentally put Donald Trump in Ted’s place. I would challenge any of our friendly Trump supporters to watch this video and try to imagine Trump’s answers (if any) to the questions posed. In truth, Trump couldn’t have answered ANY of those questions intelligently – he would have collapsed into a orange-colored Jello-like mass and expired on the spot.


  7. I’ll be honest with you, Curtis. When I saw that video was 46 minutes I was very tempted to skip it (I have a short attention span), but it was worth every second. It was unbelievably refreshing and encouraging to see a candidate answer economic questions so intelligently and articulately. I’m critical of everyone, including Ted Cruz sometimes, but he gets what’s wrong with this country, and he’s the only candidate who does.

    Thanks for posting this!


    • Honestly, CW, when I saw the length, I had the same initial gut reaction. But knowing, Ted, he’s one of my Senators, and I have seen him & his Dad speak multiple times, I knew that it could be great.

      It was, because he can take issues where most folks get lost in the weeds, and get to the heart of the matter, explaining clearly the problem and solution. He was able to ably defend, and usually outwardly defeat the sneering condescension of the two obvious liberals.

      I can imagine him using that talent in an Oval Office address to the nation, and doing exactly what Reagan did to get his election tax cut passed, by going directly to the people to get them to pressure Congress. We have another Great Communicator type in Ted Cruz!

      Do take the time to watch this, especially if you are opposed or on the fence about Cruz.


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