Sick of the Smears of Ted and Heidi Cruz?

From: Band of Bloggers,  by Rick Kallevig,  on Apr 12, 2016, see the post HERE.


Ted, Heidi with their daughters, Caroline and Catherine.


I’m getting pretty sick of the smears of Ted and Heidi Cruz in circulation mostly via the Cult of Trump. Especially from people that have no idea whatsoever how our nation — because of our unprecedented liberty — works politically. There is a parable I was reminded of by talk show host Steve Deace, that I must paraphrase here, but it’s important to remember because our entire system of justice is based upon it. It goes something like this:

— a man can tell a lie about another that will sound like and be accepted as truth, until, the other man is given an opportunity to tell his side of the story —

I am not an idiot, I’ve worked as many have for this day, where it’s down to two candidates, Cruz v Trump. I know as fact, not half-truth, everything necessary to determine the righteousness of Ted and Heidi Cruz and the truth of Ted’s message. The allegations being leveled are spurious and completely without merit.

Like it or not, organizations such as the CFR and Merrill Lynch or Goldman Sachs have policy influence in this nation. They are vehicles that can be steered right, left or center. Left to themselves the nature of such entities is to veer left. Unless good people are willing to get involved and attempt to introduce balance. If one chooses, coming out of college for instance, to become an investment banker — in and of itself a rewarding career — it is likely you will work for one of the world’s three largest banks, and you will end up working for a brokerage like Lynch.

Heidi Cruz has worked through those institutions as a force for good. She was raised as and has always been a conservative. Heidi Cruz moved into the political realm – as many many conservatives do – by entering the “Term Member Program” with the CFR. It’s a kind of internship where younger members learn the ins and outs of foreign policy getting hands-on policy experience through appointment to various projects and committees. Whether the organization itself trends left is irrelevant. So does government.

The point is, if conservatives don’t get involved there’s no way to attenuate the leftward movement of these institutions. Heidi was one of many conservatives that served in the Term Program at the CFR and maintained her conservative standards throughout her term which expired by the way in 2011. She didn’t resign because Ted was running for office. It was the end of the program for her.

So, saying that Heidi Cruz has spent “countless years” fighting against a border is a flat out lie found circulating on some internet sites like Free Republic, or Alex Jones. Unless you’ve got first hand knowledge, i.e. you’ve been in the same room with her, stop perpetuating the lies.

One of Heidi’s assignments while in the CFR term program, was to the Task Force on the Future of North America. While serving on that task force, she took the counter position on their grand plan of unionizing North American states into a Euro-style union, and while she did support policies to promote economic development she rejected the idea that such objectives required a government solution especially creating a Euro-Union style body. She supported private sector means to those objectives. She also supported the objective of making our country safer from terrorism and made clear in her dissent within the CFR report she did not support open borders.

So my advice to those attempting to smear Ted and Heidi Cruz is – don’t believe everything you read on the internet, most such stories are at best half-truth and innuendo, and do not assign to anyone guilt by association, unless that’s the standard by which you would like to be judged.


Rick is a friend and fellow blogger. We only made contact recently after years of doing our separate “things.” I was pleased to see his defense of Heidi Cruz and how he is correcting so much of the false information that is being spread around – mostly by Trumpanzees – who’ve taken on the traits and tactics of their messiah in spreading lies about their opponents.

It’s all they’ve got; if they tell the truth about him or his opponents, no one will vote for Trump, so their alternative is to do their best to rhetorically tar and feather Ted Cruz, and by association, his wife Heidi. The antidote for Trump’s poison is the truth and Rick has supplied some facts with which to overcome their lies. Kudos to him – thanks Rick!



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  1. Thanks to Rick (and you, Garnet) for helping to combat the crucifixion of the Cruz family. It seems those who have gone all in for team Trump have decided to check their consciences at the door and grovel in the mud for whatever they can find to hurl at their new-found enemy who’s only real crime is that he stands between Trump and easy victory. In the minds of certain Trump supporters that’s reason enough to draw blood.

    Keep up the good fight, Ted.


    • It’s been crazy and I suspect it’s gonna get much worse before we actually have a nominee. Thanks to the Cult of Trump.
      Trump supporters are in my opinion largely a coalition of the Alex Jones, third-party crowd, they’ve just decided to drop their fringe-party loyalties to coalesce behind the Trump — third party insurgency — into the Republican Party. Nice to hear from you CW!


  2. Smearing Ted and Heidi is the only way they can make their guy look good, because comparing virtuous traits in each candidate is an impossible task.


    • Thanks for your comment Kathy! I can’t believe the number of female Trump supporters that have told me they like him because he’s an alpha-male. I never knew that being a whiner, a complainer that life is unfair, and a thin-skinned bully were traits of alpha behavior. I actually was raised to believe those were the outward traits of a wimp. Bullies always resort to insults, lies and foul language when they’re about to get their butts kicked.


  3. Yes, I labor in that vineyard as well. Having been active in the early Tea Party here in Texas, the upset putting Ted in the Senate was our single most important victory. He has rewarded his supporters by doing precisely what he said he was going to do. I haven’t agreed with every single one of his votes, but way over 90%, and far more than with our senior Senator Cornyn.

    We need Ted to win the nomination. If he does, I have little doubt that he will destroy any of the Demonrats! Trump only leads because of his free media savvy, and a field that stayed splintered for too long!


    • I thank you for your assist in getting Ted elected. I remember the victory over Dewhurst by 14 points! And you bring up an important point. People complain that Ted has done nothing except disrupt the mechanism of government. Well, that’s one of the things that we, the voters, wanted – to stop Barack Obama. And Ted did exactly what the voters sent him to D.C. to do. How many other Senators can say that? He also hasn’t been infected with RINO disease and how many other newly elected Senators can say that? And you’re spot on as well on Trump. The media loves his style, it’s good for ratings and the field was splintered too long, otherwise he’d be history (whining about how the election was stolen from him).


    • One thing about Ted’s votes, you can always get an explanation of the ones you disagree with, and there’s always a reason related to his attempting to do what’s best for the country, not what’s best for Ted and not what’s best for the establishment. He is a man of extraordinary intelligence, conviction and personal integrity. Basically everything Donald Trump isn’t. Appreciate your comment curtmlr!


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