Ann Coulter vs. Thomas Sowell

Ann Coulter

No, it’s not a cage match or an arm-wrestling contest; it’s a comparison of their views on our Republican presidential nomination. These two national political voices are completely opposite on just about every front, why wouldn’t they also be at odds when it comes to assessing a candidate?

Coulter is a white woman; Dr. Sowell is a black man. Coulter has earned her celebrity status by being a political “bomb-thrower.” She often takes a controversial position and seems to thrive on a reputation for being contentious.

On the other hand, Sowell is a soft-spoken, thoughtful scholar; a man who has written over thirty books and has taught at several major universities. He is highly respected as an intelligent voice of reason in the conservative community.

The interesting thing is both are supposedly conservatives. Frankly, in my humble opinion, they are both conservatives just like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are both conservatives. One is genuine, the other maintains a conservative patina, but underneath is progressive lite.

Coulter is an avid and outspoken supporter of Donald Trump (who is NOT conservative) while Dr. Sowell has endorsed Ted Cruz.

At any rate, the two are at odds when they describe the same recent event, the Colorado Republican Convention.

I was surfing through and found a piece by Ann Coulter titled, “Tracy Flick With A D*ck.” The reference is to a character (Tracy Flick) played by Reese Witherspoon in the movie, Election. The title, by itself, should give a reader some insight into Ms. Coulter’s couth and class. The title intrigued me so I read it.

Immediately after reading Coulter’s piece, I noticed Dr. Thomas Sowell’s article, “Campaign Lies” on the same page and read it.

Thomas Sowell

Interestingly, both articles were about the same events in Colorado last Saturday when the Colorado GOP selected national delegates through seven congressional district meetings and a state party convention. Ted Cruz captured all 34 delegates.

Wow, a face-off between two nationally known conservative voices, each taking diametrically opposite positions on the outcome. And if that wasn’t enough, they mimic the rhetorical approaches of their preferred candidate: Ms. Coulter, a loud-mouthed, loose cannon, liable to say anything just to stir up controversy. And Dr. Sowell, a careful, measured, thoughtful speaker not apt to say anything controversial unless followed by supporting logic and fact.

And our venue: the marketplace of thoughts and ideas on the Internet.

Of course, by now you’ve probably heard about Donald Trump’s angry lambasting of the Colorado convention. He maintains that it was a rigged process. He says it was phony and was totally unfair. He says this because he lost. We’ve come to expect that anytime Trump loses, he never admits fault – it’s always because there was foul play afoot.

As expected, Coulter takes Trump’s position and builds her case using a straw man she calls “THE RULES.” She says that she read the rules of the Republican Party herself and found that there was no RNC rule “instructing state parties to ignore the voters.” Well of course there wasn’t (duh), and then she explains that “THE RULES” also contain “no specific prohibition to a state party giving all of the delegates to a single nominee,” even if that is at odds with what she calls “the will of the voters.”

The Trump campaign does NOT define “the will of the voters,” if they did, we’ll find that the voters will ALL vote for Donald Trump (or they meant to). The “will of the voters” is spelled out in each state’s rules and yes, some do seem outlandish, but the state controls how the rules are created and it is what it is – we follow the rules.

She correctly states that the state parties are given a lot of discretion, so she says that “Cruz harasses and cajoles the local party until it awards all of the state’s delegates to him.” Wow, that Cruz must be some great negotiator, huh? He harassed and cajoled those poor ignorant state party representatives into giving him all 34 delegates. How is it possible that the greatest negotiator known to man got skunked (zero delegates)? Did Trump’s harassing and cajoling mojo fail him? Or, did he CHOOSE not to harass or cajole?

Ann goes to great lengths to convince the reader that she has read the RNC rules (“THE RULES”) and found them wanting, but like Trump and his minions, she doesn’t mention reading the STATE rules that define how the delegates are awarded. Apparently, like Trump, she intentionally ignored the state rules and is now upset when the Colorado delegates were awarded, legally and properly, according to STATE rules.

The other perspective from Dr. Sowell is reasoned and factual (in contrast to Ms. Coulter’s). He starts off with a statement of fact: “The latest, and perhaps biggest, lie – thus far – is that Donald Trump was cheated out of delegates in Colorado because the voters did not select the delegates.”

When Trump, for example, wins less than a majority of a state’s votes and yet gets 100 percent of its delegates, you don’t hear other candidates yelling or whining that they have been robbed. But the cold fact is that Trump’s percentage of the delegates is still higher than his percentage of the people who actually voted for him.”

That’s true and here’s an example: Trump got only 33% of the votes in South Carolina, but was awarded all 50 delegates. How is that fair?

Trump hasn’t received 50% or more in ANY of the contests held so far. He hasn’t even won a MAJORITY of the votes in ANY state. He continues to make the case that more people voted for him than any of the other candidates (that’s called a plurality). While that is true, still more people voted AGAINST him (by voting for another candidate) than voted FOR him. He conveniently doesn’t mention that fact.

Dr. Sowell goes on, The more fundamental question is whether this was some trick cooked up to deprive Donald Trump of the delegates needed to win the Republican nomination. That is of course how Donald Trump and his followers automatically depict anything that doesn’t work out to his advantage.”

“But the Colorado rules were written and known to all before anybody cast a single vote in the primary elections, anywhere in the country.”

“If the people who ran the Trump campaign were not aware of what the rules in Colorado were, and Ted Cruz’s people were, that is what happens when you hire people who are not up to the challenges of their job.” 

It is an undeniable fact that Donald Trump and his campaign chiefs had the same access to each state’s rules. If Trump’s crack staff (he hires only the best and brightest, you know) didn’t read those rules – or worse, read them and ignored them, they are the ones who forfeited those delegates to Cruz. Yet another unforced error on Trump’s part.

Trump is, as usual, acting like a spoiled child. When he gets his way, all is terrific and wonderful. When things don’t go his way, he throws a temper tantrum and blames everyone else.

Aren’t you tired of that? I know I am. I want an ADULT in the White House, not some spoiled brat who’s used to getting his way when he cries loud enough.




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  1. Dr. Sowell is a peerless intellect and I will always check for his opinion first before reading those of many other pundits. I have watched Dr. Sowell in debate, and whilst he is definitely quick-witted and spirited in debate, I have never heard of him resorting to base level insults or grand pronouncements in order to attract attention. So even whilst I may sometime disagree with his views, that doesn’t at all affect my high respect for him as a scholar, economist and philosopher.

    Donald Trump is not a conservative. He is product of the crony capitalist elite, an overgrown baby, a divisive lunatic, a bigot and a serial liar. Enough said.


    • Thanks for visiting Pesky Truth, Dido! And thanks for your insightful comment. As you can tell, I too am a fan of Dr. Sowell. He’s not only sharp as a tack and extremely articulate but a classy guy as well. I’d love to be able to chat with him over a beer or two. And yes, Donald Trump is no conservative, but he’s all we have for the present so I have to be hopeful that he’s able to accomplish something worthwhile. Stop by anytime!


  2. I’ve enjoyed some of Coulter’s books. So long as her guns are trained on the other side, she can be good at landing some zingers.

    But internal discussions are her weakest point, as she inevitably goes for the RINO as being most electable. Granted, the Party has moved right since Reagan, where he’d be thought of as a RINO if his policies remained the same. We’ll never know whether he would have also gotten more conservative. In my view, it is the only way to save the country from destruction of all Liberty.

    With Coulter, no contest! Sowell will win any battle of wits and wisdom with virtually anyone else out the, with the possible exception of Cruz himself.


    • I especially liked your last point Curtis. You’re right, Sowell would humble most of the intelligentsia in a battle of wits and a debate between him and Cruz could be very entertaining! BTW, it would have to be a formal debate with the positions drawn by lot, since I doubt that there are any issues that the two men actually disagree on.


  3. I’ve never cared for RINO Ann Coulter and now that she’s Trump’s number one cheerleader she grates on my nerves even more. She seems to be another one that’s taken on his persona.

    Thomas Sowell, on the other hand, I’ve always admired and respected his work. He sees things realistically and if blacks would listen to him, they could have climbed out of some of those ruts a long time ago.


    • There was a time (long ago) when I did like Ann Coulter, but that was LONG ago. She left the reservation long ago and became more and more acerbic. Her only claim to fame now is as a “bomb thrower.” Her personality does fit with Trump’s, she speaks first and thinks later. Her only value as a guest on a talk show is for listeners/viewers to wonder “what outlandish thing is she gonna say next.”


  4. I’m most definitely tired of it, Garnet. First of all, in a contest between Ann Coulter and Thomas Sowell, there is no contest. Thomas Sowell is the most worthwhile endorsement any conservative could receive and in a sane world all of the Trump supporters would be questioning their choice right now, but of course we’re not living in a sane world any more. Heck, Coulter was all in for Chris Christie not too long ago.

    In regards to the Colorado thing, Trump whines about “democracy,” and that alone ought to be a clue as to how deep this man is not. Neither this country nor the Republican Party is a democracy. We’re a political party that’s supposed to stand for certain values and principles, and that’s precisely what prompted the Colorado Party elites to do what they did. Too many people were trying to use the Party (meaning it’s members, it’s clout, it’s money and it’s organization) to advance a different vision, just as Trump and his supporters are attempting to do right now. This notion that grassroots CONSERVATIVES who are trying to make the Party actually stand for something should be bullied by a liberal Republican and his crazed fan club in the name of “democracy” is bullsh*t.


    • My point exactly. Thomas Sowell is one of the few people that I don’t think I’ve ever heard any disparaging remarks made about. As you say, he is so highly regarded that anyone in disagreement with him should wonder where they went wrong. And, funny you mention Chris Christie – I meant to include a reference to her chubby-loving crush on him, but it slipped away. As more of his facade slips away, I think less and less of Trump’s native intelligence – not to mention his understanding of how and why the U.S. was created as a Constitutional Republic, and not a democracy. Trump would prefer it to operate as a democracy – because at the present, it would benefit him.

      Trump was born into a wealthy family, a family with great political and financial clout in NYC. He benefited from that and was coddled and supported as he entered the business world with a powerful name (established by his father). He had everything from day one and has carried that same mindset through into his adult life. He is quite literally a grown up spoiled rich kid. That describes him nicely.

      We already know that he can’t define conservatism, I’ll bet that he can’t spell it either.


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