What happened to those people who USED to be our friends?

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, center, smiles during a news conference with conservative Congressional Republicans who persuaded the House leadership to include defunding the Affordable Care Act as part of legislation to prevent a government shutdown, at the Capitol in Washington, Thursday, Sept. 19, 2013. Sen. Cruz is flanked by Rep. Matt Salmon, R-Ariz., left, and Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, right. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

This is just one example of how the rift between Trump supporters and Cruz supporters has come between people who used to be friends. We all called ourselves “conservatives” and supposedly believed in the same smaller government, lower taxes, strong military and so on. But then the 2016 presidential election intruded. People chose sides. That’s normally not a big deal, but this time it’s different – very different.

The Trumpanzees have taken on the demeanor of Donald Trump. They lie, disparage, insult and ridicule Cruz supporters as if we were ignorant rubes who couldn’t tie shoes without help. But, the truth is that they are the ones who have been brainwashed by Donald Trump’s aura. They believe what The Donald says and immediately slam Cruz’s statements as lies because they’ve adopted Trump’s characterization of Cruz as “lying” Ted Cruz.

I just happened to stop by one of the blogs that I used to think of as a “friendly” site. I thought that we were friends and I can recall commiserating with her when her husband passed away. I always thought highly of her, but now, without my saying anything against her, she’s become a detractor of our Pesky Truth blog. Calling it Pesky UnTruth and such. That’s ok, we’re not likely to have any common audience anyway, but some of the miscreants that she’s gathered around her look like a Who’s Who of the Animal Farm.

It appears that they like to visit here to see what we’ve got to say about Trump and then they go back to the “Farm” and do their best to ridicule us. Apparently Pesky Truth is living “rent free” in the meager confines of the collective brains of these Trumpanzees – so be it.

That’s fine, but there’s only one thing: they’re posting LIES right there and holding them up as TRUTH. When I saw this one, I knew that I had to show people what their tactics are – selectively pick ONE item from a complete report and embellish it so that it appears damming. Here’s what she posted:

Cruz lied once from Peppermint

Firstly, you’ll note that they mention only ONE true statement. That’s pretty fancy slicing of what the report really says. You’ll also note that they provide no LINK to the PolitiFact site (so you can’t immediately verify the statement) and you’ll also note that they show no comparable number of “true” statements made by their Lord and Master, Donald Trump. Wonder why? It’s because Trump comes off being PROVEN the LIAR that he truly is – the point here is that you shouldn’t use something like this unless a comparison to your candidate comes off looking good. Following are screen captures from PolitiFact (as of 4/12/16) of both Ted’s report and Trumps – and I’m confident enough to post links to both so what I show here can be verified as TRUE.


Donald Trump Politifact 4-12-16

Ted Cruzs Politifact 4-12-16


Isn’t it only FAIR to COMPARE the two gentlemen? Isn’t Donald Trump always whining about fairness? Why would someone show only a reference to Cruz having made only ONE truthful statement? That thing that they posted notes 51 statements – it must be quite old – the rating today (4-12-16) shows 105 statements. Could it be that they wanted to give a (FALSE) impression that Cruz is a liar? Well, wonder of wonders, if one looks at the above ratings, one sees that Trump is far and away the bigger LIAR of the two. Why wouldn’t someone supposedly interested in honesty want the TRUTH known? Here are links to both so you can verify that what I’ve posted here is TRUE. Here is Trump’s LINK. And here is Cruz’s LINK.

And one more little measure of which of the two candidates is the REAL LIAR is this: FactCheck.org awarded Donald Trump their “King of Whoppers” award. Here’s what they had to say about Donald Trump:

It’s been a banner year for political whoppers — and for one teller of tall tales in particular: Donald Trump. In the 12 years of FactCheck.org’s existence, we’ve never seen his match. He stands out not only for the sheer number of his factually false claims, but also for his brazen refusals to admit error when proven wrong. But this year the evidence is overwhelming and, in our judgment, conclusive. So, for the first time, we confer the title ‘King of Whoppers.‘”

Now you’ve seen the results of two fact-checking organizations looking into which candidate is the bigger liar. The results are clear. The LIAR IS DONALD TRUMP.

The most satisfying thing about this is that the readers of Pesky Truth know the TRUTH, those that frequent that other blog don’t. They’re so pumped full of Trump’s lies they’re oblivious to the truth – let’s let them stay that way – after all, “ignorance is bliss,” so they’ll remain blissful in their ignorance.


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  1. I used to have that friend as well.
    Well, the liar is Donald Trump. No one has been able to tell me a single lie Cruz has said.
    Maybe I’m as delusional as Trump followers. LOL


    • Seeing her turn into a Trumpanzee is a real disappointment – I thought she was a real conservative. I guess that what we have here is a real litmus test of a true conservative. In my view, it is impossible for a real conservative to believe that Donald Trump is conservative – he couldn’t even define a conservative. Anyone who supports Trump simply can’t be a conservative, regardless of their bleating, they’re just trying to justify their groupie status by whatever means possible, but it ain’t working. As Rush says, Cruz is the only real conservative in the race.


    • No, tannngl, you’re not delusional, none of us are. While others are willing to settle for the faux republican who knows nothing of how government works, the rest of us have held on to our conservative values.
      It took me a bit, but I finally figured out who that friend is, and honestly, I saw hints of it at the old place before I chose to leave, rather than be pushed into thinking like the rest of the herd.
      Now visiting her site is more like watching seals clap for the next treat at a Sea World show.

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      • Interesting to me how I fell for Trump at first too. I loved hearing what he said! Was so ready for that ‘savior’ who would return us to our Constitutional roots. Took about 2 months…

        Thanks, Kathy.


      • As far as I can see, none of us were against Donald Trump when he first announced. He was saying a lot of things that most conservatives have been thinking for years – good for him, I give him kudos for recognizing that and publicizing it. BUT, over the months of watching him and hearing his speeches, it became obvious that he has neither the understanding of how the government SHOULD work nor the temperament to be the president.

        He IS The Donald, the billionaire TV celebrity and he’s good at that, BUT he’s shown that he’s NOT good at so many other things that will be required of a POTUS. On top of all of that, the past several months have shown that he’ll say anything to get elected, he’ll lie with abandon, he’ll insult anyone and whine and complain when his demands aren’t met. He is, as said so many times before, a spoiled petulant brat of a man, not suitable to be president.


  2. Kathy and Garnet, you guys are being far too kind. If I thought for one moment that the Trump supporters I know from blogging believed the “Lyin’ Ted” lies of Donald Trump I would be more forgiving, but I don’t buy it for even a second, just like I don’t buy that democrats believe all of the lies they are continually fed. People are joining the “Lyin’ Ted” chorus because that puts the blame on Ted and not on them for abandoning conservatives, and you can’t reason or debate with people who are dishonest about their reasons for doing what they do, as I’ve learned time and again with liberals and certain rabid libertarians.


    • CW, I suspect that some of my disappointment in seeing former friends taking Trump’s lead on berating Cruz supporters, lying (big, fat, smelly lies) and otherwise displaying complete ignorance in comparing the the two candidates, is that I thought that they were smarter and more judicious than they apparently are. that means that I misjudged them – my fault – I should have properly discerned that they were flawed, weak-minded, groupies easily influenced by wavy blonde toupees and boasting – my bad.


  3. You’re right Kathy. In fact, our nemesis at H&F who is also active at the blog I mentioned above, is totally representative of the Trump supporters that I see on various sites – they’re all the same. they’re totally convinced that The Donald is the second coming and will do everything that they’ve conjured up in their heads that he should do (regardless of what he might have said). It’s much the same as the Obama supporters of 2008 – they worship their leader.


  4. Most of the Trumpbots I’ve come across aren’t willing to leave us with our own opinions. We can’t agree to disagree, instead they feel they must beat us over the head about all of Cruz’ faults, because they bought the ‘lyin’ Ted’ spiel, while they embrace Trump’s faults. Apparently for them, it’s okay to be a crass liar if you have more money than brains. The rift is separating the real conservatives from the ‘settlers’, imo. I’m not willing to settle for less.



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