Trump has the potential to be the worst president ever

Donald Trump troubled

While doing my daily chores (reading political articles), I happened across yet more mentions of Trump making mistakes. Mistakes happen, right? And no one is perfect; we all make mistakes, but there is a burgeoning meme that The Donald actually isn’t perfect. Now, I know that statement will be regarded as blasphemy by his anointed flock, but it’s true.

Recently, I’m seeing all sorts of talking heads, pundits, political writers, and the like positing that Trump’s campaign is in disarray. He set out to run a different campaign and he did; his arrogance advised him that he didn’t need those pesky ground game armies or heavyweight advisors to whup the other lesser candidates. He could do it simply by the power of his Trumpness.

Those same people have also noticed that The Donald doesn’t think that he needs to understand any of the real problems we face. He thinks that he knows enough just by reading the NYT that he’s prepared to deal with any situation that might arise. When questioned on any specific issue, he has never given a factual, definitive answer and the people writing about his campaign have (finally) noticed it. Overall, Trump’s answers have been the weakest of any of the candidates – seldom including any specificity and always inserting boasts of some sort as well as changing the subject.

Even when he knows in advance that he will be interviewed about a subject on which he isn’t fully versed, he refuses to do any preparation, any in depth study of the subject – and comes off as ignorant on the subject when he “wings” it.

He wasn’t, he isn’t, and he won’t be – prepared to be president.

The man’s arrogance knows no bounds – and that is what has him in somewhat of a pickle now. He’s been bleeding second round delegates because he thought he knew enough about how the nomination process worked. Obviously, he was wrong.

If one compares the campaigns (not the candidates) of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, there is no question of which is more efficient and is producing better results – Cruz wins, hands down.

How is it possible for a lowly first-term Senator (from Redneck, Texas, no less) to create, organize, and maintain a better campaign mechanism than His Trumpness, the billionaire and smartest guy ever to walk the earth? Answer: Trump isn’t nearly as smart as he thinks he is – his money is all he’s got. When intimidating bluster and threats of a lawsuit doesn’t work, he becomes one of those lower forms of life he is so quick to identify as a … LOSER.

If the nomination process had started with a half-dozen candidates instead of 17, Trump wouldn’t be where he is today, but instead of recognizing that and creating a political campaign army, Trump convinced himself that he could win the big enchilada using nothing more than the power of his celebrity – and do on the cheap.

Here’s one excerpt to give you the flavor of what they’re saying:

“The Cruz forces have proven themselves very well organized, while Trump is playing catch-up with his ground game.  The question facing voters is whether or not methodical planning and careful execution are qualities necessary in a president, and if so, which candidates promise to bring these skills to the White House.

The building consensus is that Cruz has proceeded throughout the campaign methodically and efficiently while Trump has essentially been “winging” it.

And here’s another quote:

“Already behind the curve in organizing for the Republican convention, Donald Trump has missed crucial deadlines in a number of states to lock up delegates who would stay loyal beyond the first ballot.

Trump’s shortcomings in this behind-the-scenes campaign, which hasn’t played much of a role in selecting the GOP nominee in decades, could doom his presidential candidacy if he is unable to win the nomination in the initial voting at this summer’s national convention in Cleveland.”

There are arcane and complicated delegate selection rules in place in many of the 57 states. Mr. Trump is so narcissistic that he believed it wasn’t necessary for him to understand those silly rules since he’d just overpower them. He was wrong (again). Now, he’s at a significant disadvantage if he can’t win the nomination on the first ballot. Apparently, this comes as a surprise to this genius billionaire.

And what of the “best and brightest” people that he’d surround himself with? So far, they haven’t served him well.

Here’s another comment:

“By taking the battle for delegate selection seriously only at this relatively late date, Mr. Trump may have crippled his hopes to win a multi-ballot convention. That is because in many states, the deadline for individuals to run for delegate has already come and gone.”

The overall take-away from this Republican presidential nomination campaign so far is that Donald Trump just isn’t up to it.

So, this genius reacts with the only response he feels comfortable with: accusations of dirty tricks, phony deals, and a rigged and corrupt election system “stealing” the election from him.

He’s made too many unforced errors, he has been unprepared to discuss serious issues in detail, he’s hired supposedly topnotch advisors to advise him on what he needs to know, and yet he knows little of the country’s issues. He is getting trounced when it comes to securing delegates who will be loyal to him on second and subsequent ballots, and yet he believes that he can handle the monumental issues that face a president daily.

He has shown himself to be a “two-trick” pony. Once we get past “building a wall” and “renegotiating trade deals” what remains? Precious little.

He is delusional.

Trump has, by his actions, proven himself to be arrogant, petulant, whiny, thin-skinned, coarse and vulgar – hardly qualities befitting a president.

He has not shown the organizational skills, management abilities, or any real understanding of the workings of a Constitutional Republic or of the genuine issues facing the country today. His incomplete and often misguided answers to questions underscore these weaknesses.

Face the facts – Donald Trump is NOT suited to be the President of the United States. He falls short on so many of the qualities that our president simply MUST have to guide the country through perilous times.

He may be a topnotch reality star, he may negotiate beneficial real estate deals, he may be a fine father and husband – but presidential material, HE IS NOT.


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  1. wait…. there’s a place called “Redneck” Texas? I’ll be darned!

    There’s no question that Donald Trump possesses almost none of the qualities that the most powerful elected official in the nation should have. He’s childish, arrogant, impetuous and whatever the word is for the opposite of thoughtful. He can’t hold a candle to the great presidents this country has had, and it’s a tragedy that people no longer care about electing someone who is thoughtful and who understands the CONSTITUTIONAL role of the POTUS. That said, even on Trump’s worst day he cannot touch Barack Obama for the “worst president” title, because he possesses one important trait that Obama lacks which is that he does care about this country (at least I believe he does). And having said THAT, I’ll end my comment by reminding Trump supporters that merely being better than Obama or Hillary or Bernie is hardly worth bragging about. Conservatives are supposed to want better. MUCH better. And this country is in dire need of much better.

    Go Ted!


    • Ha! No, as far as I know, there is no Redneck, Texas – that was just a reference to the way that Noo Yarkers like to characterize of all of us Texans – as “rednecks” – obviously, a term of derision. In that same vein, Donald Trump may have come from Dumbass, NY – it would certainly be fitting. He is all of those things that you mention, and those traits should be readily apparent to anyone who has seen him speak. In what alternative universe could anyone possibly think that Trump has the temperament to lead our United States?

      Conservatives DO want better and we support Ted Cruz, it’s only faux-conservatives who support Donald Trump.


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