If Trump Doesn’t Understand 156 Year Old Political Rules, How Will He Understand the Presidency?

From: theresurgent.com,  by Erick Erickson,  on Apr 11, 2016,  see the article HERE.

If ignorance is bliss

Donald Trump is again complaining about the delegate rules of the Republican Party — delegate rules that have existed in various forms for 156 years. In fact, the present delegate rules have not really changed in decades, requiring that the nominee of the party get a majority of the delegates of the party to be the party’s nominee.

Donald Trump entered the race knowing he would need 1,237 delegates. But the man who claims he surrounds himself with experts and top men to advise him on things surrounded himself with advisors who told him not to worry about the delegates. Now Trump is having to bring in new people to play the delegate game, which is an acknowledgement that the rule for a majority will not be waived.

But along the way, both Trump and his supporters have taken to whining incessantly about the majority requirement. Publicly they think it should be changed to a plurality, though neither the delegate rules nor the Electoral College rules will be changed from majority to plurality.

Just because Donald Trump has the most delegates does not mean he has a majority of delegates. The rules matter.

That Trump has, for this long, surrounded himself with people who clearly failed to accurately advise him on the delegate rules is troubling. We know that Trump’s foreign affairs advisors are not really top men and, frankly, some are staggeringly unqualified. Likewise, we know Trump has barely met with them.

But these are the people he’d take advice from on foreign policy. Trump, though, says he has a very smart brain and he consults with himself. On Meet the Press yesterday, his campaign surrogate said it was Trump himself running the campaign — a campaign that ignored 156 years of needing delegates.

If Donald Trump cracks over a 156 year tradition of requiring a majority of delegates for the Republican nomination how is he going to understand the demands of the Presidency? If Trump claims he surrounds himself with top men and those top men advised him so poorly on the delegate issue, how can we be reassured he won’t make the same mistakes in a Presidential administration?

Thankfully that is unlikely to happen.


Thankfully, though it may be too late, some reasonably intelligent people are starting to see the Emperor Trump as he really is – naked  – of any understanding of how to actually get to the White House, much less how to successfully guide a nation of 320 million people through a minefield of domestic and foreign problems. He hasn’t got the ability to manage his campaign, what has convinced his supporters that he can actually do presidential stuff? What part of the president’s duties include tweeting insults to anyone who disrespects him? When does presidential etiquette allow insulting members of Congress or foreign leaders? Who will advise him on foreign affairs, and more importantly, will he listen to them or only to his “inner” Trump? 

I could go on, but the evidence is there for those with open eyes. Those Trump supporters with scales over their eyes aren’t open to the truth anyway, they’d rather worship their “daddy” Trump ’cause he’s got money.




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2 replies

  1. Clueless is the best description!

    His supporters tout his business prowess, until I point out that he would have been better of cashing out his inheritance, putting it in S&P Index funds, and clipping the coupons! Hey, that would have given him more time to seduce his friends’ wives!!!


  2. IMO, his lack of knowledge about delegates confirms that he never really intended for his campaign to get this far. If he’d truly wanted the job, he would have done more research and learned more about how the process works.

    Btw, I love that picture!! It made me LOL big time.


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