Will Trump Take a Dive? Will He Throw the Game?

Donald’s dilemma.

Donald Trump troubled

He has to be asking himself, do I really want that freaking job?

I don’t really think that The Donald really wants to be president – that is, actually BE the president. It does feed his colossal ego to GET elected, and what better adulation is there than being elected President of the United States? How many others can say they’ve been there, done that? I think that he wants desperately to GET elected, but he doesn’t want the hassles that go with the job. But now, at this late date, is there a graceful way out? He doesn’t want to quit – that would label him as a quitter and his ego wouldn’t stand for that – so how can he escape the corner he’s painted himself into?

He has to be fighting internal demons. His ego and narcissism would make it difficult for him to accept any form of defeat, especially self-inflicted defeat, but on the other hand …

What will Trump have to give up if he wins? Look at the life he’ll be giving up, and for what? Headaches, stress, and criticism – and we all know that The Donald doesn’t enjoy criticism. He’ll be trading a billionaire’s social life throwing and attending gatherings with the movers and shakers, the entertainment celebrities, and the influential politicians. The cream of the crop, so to speak.

And in exchange, his life goes under a microscope. Everything he says, everything he does will be examined in minute detail by people who’ll want to see him fail. They’ll make fun of him, he’ll be the butt of late-night jokes, and some will burn him in effigy. He’ll be giving up a lot to take on massive responsibilities, things that he can’t shift off to underlings. He may not enjoy his new life.

Trump building 01

He won’t be able to negotiate new deals to see “Trump” emblazoned on products ranging from adult diapers to football stadiums. He won’t be able to persue his “branding” business; even though the Trump name will surely increase in value and be worth much more than that piddling $3 billion he values it at today. And when he negotiates some really great deal, it won’t benefit him personally, instead it will benefit the country – how unsatisfying that would be.

He’ll have to tone things down; he’ll have to give up one of his favorite pastimes: tweeting insults to anyone that disrespects him – he’ll have to learn to call for IRS audits instead, but where’s the immediate gratification in that?

Suppose Kim Jong-un says something nasty about President Trump, will his ego accept not being able to sling some insult back about the boyish 300lb dictator in response or might he just nuke North Korea instead of sending an insulting tweet?

Donald-Trump driving his RollsHe’ll be forced to ride in “The Beast,” an aging Cadillac limo (imagine that, an aging automobile – gag). He’ll surely miss flipping a coin to see whether he drives his Rolls or one of his Bentleys to the golf course. The Secret Service probably won’t let him drive his Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren or his Lamborghini Diablo either. What’s the sense of having them if you can’t drive them?

And Air Force One; its interior might look like the Yugo of the air world compared to Trump One with its gold plated everything. And he’s got his own helicopter too – he’s got it all and he doesn’t have to take crap from anyone (now), but he’ll have to learn to be nice if/when he becomes the prez.

No more gold-plated accessories in his home. Most of Trump’s several homes, but especially his penthouse, are decorated in Neo-Ostentatious – an over-the-top vulgar and pretentious display of wealth – and he likes it that way. How better to show the “little” people how much better he is than they.

It’ll be like moving to the slums if he has to move to the White House and its (comparatively) plebeian and stark decor and it’s doubtful that the American people will allow it to be renamed the Trump House or allow it to be painted gold. Can Donald survive long without bling? The White House won’t come off very well in a comparison to any of Trump’s palatial estates – like the penthouse or Mar-a-Lago for instance.

UNITED STATES - JANUARY 20: Aerial view of Mar-a-Lago, the estate of Donald Trump, in Palm Beach, Fla. (Photo by John Roca/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images)

Part of him realizes that he better NOT win; he couldn’t survive being forced to devote all of his attention to the affairs of other people. He’s simply not intellectually or emotionally equipped to deal with concerns for anyone other than himself. That could create an inner conflict that his fragile psyche couldn’t handle.

It would suit him better if he were to lose in a way that would save face – a way that would allow him to blame the Republican Party and play an angry, unfairly treated candidate for the rest of his life. With all of the associated publicity, the Trump name would be more iconic than ever and he could likely increase his fee for naming rights – just what he wanted all along.

Just think, he could wail and complain that he coulda been a contendah – he could have been president if only those pesky establishment Republicans hadn’t cheated and ignored the will of the people. And he would have been the best president evah. Believe him.


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  1. Consider this. Maybe it’s all been a collusion between Trump and Clinton (considering their history) to get Clinton elected. Trump gets the biggest PR boost of all and direct access and Clinton gets to be President.


  2. Yeah, I think Trump wants to win for the sake of his ego but I don’t think he wants or is prepared for the responsibilities of the job. What a waste.


  3. He’s not going to win. Just sayin. By now, he knows it. Or maybe his stupid.


    • Even his massive ego has to accept that the past week or so have been berry, berry bad for him. He appeared invincible for awhile there, but his hot air balloon has plummeted to earth and now he’s in a race and he’s not as invincible as he thought. I wonder if he has yet accepted that he ain’t gonna make that 1,237 plateau and will have to accept whatever happens next.


      • He came to realization he had to hire someone to handle delegates for the convention so I think he realizes the 1237 just might be out of reach. Can’t wait to see Wisconsin on Tues.


      • My hope is that Cruz manages to get above 50% in Wisconsin, a winner take most State. That is why Kasich & Cruz are attacking each other in ad campaigns. Trump has little traction now, and only inertia is moving the Trump Train. To maintain relevancy, however faint, Kasich must trim the enthusiasm for Cruz. Cruz, on the other hand, now has the momentum, and is trying to drive it into a higher gear. If Kasich wasn’t still in the race, Cruz would likely surpass Trump in total delegates won pre-convention. This is why I’ve long said that Trump is using Kasich as a shill, to divide the anti-Trump vote

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  4. I don’t see how he can throw it either, not at this point. The yuge ego wouldn’t allow that because he is all about winning. I can see the RINOs taking him out though, and unless they have some miraculous change of heart and get behind Ted, the end result will be just as bad as having Trump in the White House.


    • And therein lies the problem. I think that The Question has to be weighing heavily on Donald’s mind. He wants the notoriety, he wants the adulation, but he doesn’t want the responsibilities. He lives a storybook life, more like a King or Sheikh than a businessman. And he’s going to give that up to live a cloistered life constantly being attacked by his political opponents – and he can’t even tweet an insult back? It may be that The Question will occupy more and more of his consciousness and contribute to his self-immolation.

      And as far as the establishment Republican “leadership” massaging arcane rules to force an entirely new person to be nominated – if that happens, it will be the death of the Republican Party. Period.


      • Agreed about the GOPe. That’s why I’m hoping Ted blows out Wisconsin north of 50%.

        That would abort all the Trumpian fantasies of inevitability & theft, bring CA, and the mid-Atlantic into play. Maybe even NY!

        Too late for Ted to reach 1237, but he COULD surpass Trump’s totals with some big WTA wins, and erase the theft concept as well. Maybe even garnering a grudging Trump endorsement.

        N. Haley as VP, Fiorina at Commerce, etc.


  5. I’ve suspected this to be true all along. I just don’t see that much public spiritedness in his entire life. Brand building, influence peddling? Sure!

    But how can he wheedle out of this without being a loser? If he allows Cruz to out hustle him in the delegate race, how is that not a loss?

    I’ve been telling my Trumpian FB friends that is incumbent on him to CLOSE THE DEAL! After all, he wrote the book, right? So if he doesn’t, how can he spin it as anything other than failure? He was THAT CLOSE, and couldn’t cajole the few needed delegates?

    Nope! That’s a loser!


    • Of course you’re right, but a failure isn’t a failure when it’s committed by Donald Trump, he’ll spin it to make it appear that it wasn’t his fault and blame it on someone else, that’s covered by rule 12a of the Trump operating instructions, “NEVER admit failure, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, it’s a sign of weakness.”



  1. Trump’s Campaign Is Sinking and No One Is Doing Anything About It – Pesky Truth

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