Gabby Giffords: Same Song, Second Verse

From Breitbart:


Gabby Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly have launched a group in Virginia to push gun control; it’s their same message, with different packaging.

The name of Giffords’ national gun control group is Americans for Responsible Solutions (ARS). The name of the Virginia gun control group is the Virginia Coalition for Common Sense (VCCS).

The first line of business for VCCS is to require every would-be gun purchaser to pass the same background check that Giffords’ attacker, Jared Loughner, passed to acquire his firearm. In fact, it is the same background check that Vester Lee Flanagan passed in Virginia to acquire the gun he used to attack WDBJ reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward on August 26, 2015.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports that Giffords and her husband are launching VCCS a month after Governor Terry McAuliffe (D) riled gun control proponents by signing “historic” legislation to protect concealed carry reciprocity between Virginia and other states. That legislation reversed unilateral action by Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring (D), whereby Herring ended reciprocity with states that refused to pass higher levels of gun control.

Giffords’ gun control message has performed miserably on the national stage, and during the 2014 midterms, fewer than half the candidates she endorsed won. Even Giffords’ former seat, Arizona District 2, saw the gun control incumbent defeated and replaced by pro-Second Amendment Rep. Martha McSally (R-AZ)..

But Giffords and Kelly have been able to score gun control victories in states like Oregon, where ready and willing Democrat legislators quickly supported placing more gun laws on the backs of law-abiding citizens.



Patricia Maisch

Patricia Maisch, credited with stopping Loughner.

Here we go again – the Gabby and Mark Show. Trekking all over the US trying to convince people that better background checks will fix the gun problem. When I see headlines about Gabby and her push for gun control, I wonder to myself when (if) she’ll ever get it and how long she gets to ride this because she was a victim of a lunatic with a gun.

At some point, common sense ought to kick in and tell her that she would have been safer had there been more armed citizens around her. Jared Loughner had time to kill six people and injure 13 others that day because no one else was armed. He would have continued his spree, but he had to stop and reload and that’s when a 61-year-old woman tackled him and put a stop to it.

He had a drug problem and a problem with women in positions of power, her in particular. Problems like that can’t be fixed and people don’t come with labels stating their mental condition, so instead of advocating for expanded background checks, they should be in favor of increasing concealed/open carry and doing away with gun-free zones.



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  1. Thank the lefty media for that. Always putting the wrong slant of things. The lefties can’t outright take away our 2A rights, so they target emotions instead. Looking at how divided people are on gun issues tells us it’s been pretty effective.


  2. Unfortunately this nation has spent the past 20 years or so setting a precedent whereby everyone who is a victim of a crime gets to have a new law named after them and gets treated as though they are now the ultimate authority on the subject. That’s the wrong way to go about things. Gabby Gifford gets treated like a brave hero when the reality is that, while she certainly deserves compassion for what happened to her, she was a victim, not a hero. The really brave people are those who risk the wrath and condemnation of the Left by standing up for their rights even when a victim tries to cash in on her victimhood to take those rights away.

    People define “common sense” very differently these days, but ultimately the issue of gun control is about rights. We are entitled to protect ourselves and others, and that right cannot be upheld in this day and age if law-abiding, mentally capable citizens are prevented from owning and using guns. That’s how simple this issue should be.


    • Well said, CW. The hero here was Patricia Maisch, the lady who put a stop to it. It’s doubtful Loughner, or the other nutjobs would have even attempted mass killings like that if armed citizens had been the norm.


    • That kind of talk will get you branded as a “subversive,” CW. You make too much sense, you must be silenced.

      Your comment about Gifford is spot on – what did she do to become a national spokesperson for gun rights? Get shot. That’s it. Of course, they did the same thing with Jim Brady. He became an expert and national icon because he was shot. That’s hardly a qualification for leadership. To the left, it’s always “feelings” and anything that can trigger some emotions, rather than common sense that is/are their weapon(s) of choice.


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