Proposed Constitutional Amendments, Part 5, The Open Thread

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Okay, dear readers, I have now presented 12 proposals for Constitutional Amendments. There was a lot of meat there, but there is a lot of other stuff that I could have gotten into. Here is your chance to not only discuss the whole series, but to add your own proposed Amendments.
Please keep it sane and clean. This is a serious subject, so treat it as such.


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  1. I tweeted the series on twitter. A friend noted that it’s an exercise in futility-never going to happen. And to some extent, I agree.
    But we have so messed up the Constitution with our liberal legisators and judges…
    It is time to work on some of this one at a time. I really want the senators to be appointed again by the states. States have lost their power over the federal government by allowing all the $$$ to go to the feds and allowing the creeping power of the federal government to continue to increase.


  2. I’m afraid that you’re showing us all up, craw. It’s obvious that you’ve done a considerable amount of preparatory work to produce these proposals and we’re apparently not as prepared to critique them or add much to them, except in general terms.
    And if that wasn’t enough, there’s so much going on in the nomination race, it’s difficult to get away from Cruz/Trump (and their wives) line of thought and give serious consideration to your proposals.

    #1 On the valid visas falling under the “natural born” status, I’m still uncomfortable with that one, even if the founders felt it was ok.

    #2 Again, I agree with your proposals with the exception of term limits. I could live with 18 years (better than no limit), but I’m still leaning towards a shorter term, as in 12 years.

    #3 proposal 7, I’m still on the fence. As long as R’s control the legislatures, I like, but what happens if the D’s take over? I’m just not sure that it benefits anyone if it was changed. Proposal 9, I’d like for there to be a maximum limit to the length of bills. Bills that exceed 2,000 pages are ludicrous as few (if any) will actually read them. I don’t know what a feasible maximum limit should be but it needs to be something reasonable – couple hundred pages? That would also serve to concentrate the actual purpose of a bill to keep them from being a “stew” of unrelated stuff and addressing a single purpose. Obviously, either the number or length (or both) of amendments also has to be limited. The most important thing is the require that every bill be read before any vote occurs and massive bills don’t lend themselves to that.

    #4 I agree with all of those proposals.

    #5 I’ve basically unloaded my thoughts in your posts 1 through 4 and don’t have anything new to contribute. I’m sure I could find stuff, but trying to keep up with everyday life (had hail damage Wednesday night) and the Cruz/Trump saga, I just haven’t expended any additional study time that would do it justice.

    Thanks for doing it, you’ve given us some more food for thought.


  3. It’s a good series and I appreciate the effort you put into it, Crawfish. Many of the topics you touched on could and should have been clarified a long time ago, and probably would have if we had a government that really cared about our country instead of their careers. When being a Congressman became a career instead of a side job was a big turning point for the downward spiral to where we are now. Term limits and salary reductions would go a long way toward fixing that, imo.

    While it may not be amendment material, our vetting system could use a work-over. That was obvious in 08 when we got stuck with O and having some qualification criteria in place would have been really useful prior to the upcoming election.


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