My Take On the Candidate’s Wives Brouhaha

Heidi Cruz

Pardon me if I try to insert some fairness into the brouhaha over the candidate’s wives. I just Googled both women’s names and looked through the first full page (300-400 images) and chose the ones you see here. I don’t know about you, but Heidi looks a lot more attractive to me than the Trump woman (too much makeup looks unattractive to me).

The images of Heidi and Melania that Donald tweeted out were intentionally chosen to show Heidi in a less-than-attractive light. So, in that spirit, I chose two different images to illustrate that the motive of the person choosing the image makes a BIG difference.

And that’s not all, scanning through hundreds of images of each woman, imagine my surprise when I found NO images of Heidi Cruz nude, in underwear, a bikini, nighties, or anything remotely suggestive. The vast majority of the images of her were with Ted, the children, or both. That is the demeanor befitting the woman who would be First Lady.




On the other hand, I found sixteen (16) images of Melania Trump in scantily-clad revealing clothing (or lack thereof). Yes, they appeared to be professional images and she was a model, but isn’t that the point?


Melania has appeared in countless photos where she was nude or partially clad and suggestively posed. She was a professional scantily-clad model, that’s what she got paid for.

So when a super PAC, “Make America Awesome Again” (an anti-Trump super PAC not associated with the Cruz campaign) ran an ad containing a picture of a GQ Magazine cover (featuring a nude Melania Trump), it apparently pissed off The Donald who proceeded to do exactly what his past history predicted he would do, assume that it was from the Cruz campaign and tweet some insults about Ted Cruz and Heidi.

Isn’t that exactly what Ted Cruz was accused of regarding Ben Carson leaving the campaign trail? It was said that he should have verified that the story was true before distributing the story that Ben was quitting. But far be it from Donald Trump to do the same thing and at least try to verify the source of the ad before attacking Cruz?

Trump’s not only a gutless misogynist, he’s got the emotions of a petulant teenage boy who, when slighted, retaliates with an arms-length tweet. Loose cannon, thy name is Trump.

I sincerely hope that women all over the country recognize this philandering misogynist who bought a trophy wife (to look good on his arm), for who and what he is and decide that he is not suited for the White House.


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  1. I think Trump’s tweet comparing Heidi and Melania on their looks was the most shallow, juvenile thing i’ve ever seen from a POTUS candidate, and says volumes about this man’s character and what he values when it comes to women. I’m no raging feminist but this man is a chauvinist, plain and simple. That was clear when he made some remark about Carly Fiorina not being a viable candidate because of her looks. If looks are going to be an issue in this campaign let’s compare Donald to Ted Cruz and see how he stacks up. I think he falls way too short on that scale. I started the campaign season with a relatively neutral opinion on Trump but the more I see of him the more disgusted I am.


    • Regardless of how many women he’s hired in executive positions, he has a long record of being a misogynist – a RECORD – not just empty accusations. He is constantly displaying the temperament of a teenage boy in both words and actions – NOT something beneficial to a POTUS. He CAN’T talk about issues, the best he can do is sling feces like a caged monkey. I feel the same CW. A few months ago, while still for Ted Cruz, I felt that I could still support Trump, but the more I see him in action, the more difficult that will become. He simply SHOULD NOT be our nominee against Hillary Clinton. The democrats will capitalize on everything the Trump supporters accept and ignore and they’ll bury him under tons of it.


  2. Who tweeted out suggestive (but clothed) magazine photos of Megyn Kelly, while calling her a bimbo?

    What does that make Mrs. Trump?


  3. Trump is nothing if he’s not hypocritical! Nice catch, Garnet!


  4. Boom! Garnet, you just nailed it. In all the arguments we’ve seen over the past couple of days, nobody saw the hypocrisy of Trump’s accusations. I hope the Cruz camp comes to the same realization and points this out to folks.


    • Really, Melania probably deserves better than Donald Trump. She has a real education and certainly is beautiful; she’s apparently smart too – why, one has to ask, would she marry Donald Trump? I mean, look at him, he’s an overly tanned Pillsbury dough-boy with a comb-over. Methinks it speaks to the old adage that Marilyn Monroe sang about, “diamonds (cash) are a girl’s best friend.”

      If Donald has his way, they’ll become America’s King and Queen – just watch.


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