Who’s the Real Conservative?

While it’s true that Donald Trump never claimed to be conservative, in an interview with Sean Hannity, he gave his solemn pledge that as president he would follow the conservative agenda. Let’s see how he’s doing so far…

cruz vs trump questions


Let’s just say he has a lot of room for improvement.


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  1. Well, at least he is SAYING he is going to govern based on a conservative agenda! What a relief!


    • They all make promises during the campaign, but the test will be what he actually does once he gets there, should he be elected. One of my concerns about Trump is that he wants the title, but not necessarily the work that goes with it.


  2. It’s become plain that the majority of Trump’s supporters are brainwashed – and I mean that literally. They reflexively defend him regardless of what is said and ignoring any solid evidence – it just doesn’t matter to them. They have chosen a “winner” and they’re on a “winning” team and damn anyone who tries to tell them differently. I don’t know how we fight that? To anyone who will really listen, the evidence is OVERWHELMING that Donald Trump is NOT suitable to be President of the United States. He doesn’t have the temperament for the job; he’s a loose cannon, but his supporters just can’t allow themselves to see that.

    I just published the “202 insults” post and after reading dozens (or hundreds) of his insults, you have to wonder how anyone could consider him to be presidential material.


    • Most of his supporters have slammed the door shut between reasonable thinking and gobbling up the blustery talk. There’s a meme floating around that states that Donald inherited $2.9 billion from his father, and if he’d invested it wisely, he could have turned it into something like $6.8 billion. Instead he created concrete and steel idols to himself. (not the exact figures, but you get the idea)


  3. Amazing! I have found on twitter when a Trump supporter begins to mimick me or LOL me concerning Cruz, I begin to challenge them with facts, i.e., Trump’s attempt to take a widow’s property for his hotel in NY, his switch to Republican just 2 years ago as he prepared to run for prez, his failure to EVER reach 50% (let alone get above 50%) in any primary election so far. Ted Cruz has twice, Utah 69% and Wyoming 63%. There’s so much to confront them with! And I do it kindly, complementing their picture in their twitter profile or some such thing. They really want the same things we do, they’re for the most part just not thinking; they’re drinking the Trump orange kool aid.


    • Great to see you tannngl! I’m glad to hear you found some reasonable Trumpbots, as those seem to be scarce these days. Most of them just hear what Trump’s saying but they’re not looking for the methods he’ll use to bring about those changes.

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  4. But Kathy, Ted Cruz failed to disclose a loan he took from Goldman Sachs! And oh yes, he didn’t quickly denounce some other group’s ad using the nude photos Melania Trump voluntarily posed for. So never mind all those other things. There’s no way we can vote for Cruz now.


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