Arizona AG on a Disturbing Threat to National Security at Our Border

From The Daily Wire:


So how real is the terror threat posed by the absurdly porous southern border? According to the attorney general of Arizona, very real. Not only have we reportedly seen an uptick in illegal crossings by people from terror-ridden Middle Eastern countries, the Arizona AG told Fox Business Network Tuesday that we’ve seen a “huge spike” in money transfers from border cities to the Middle East.

“Arizona is on the frontline, and we have seen consequences of what has happened when we’ve had an unsecured porous border,” AG Mark Brnovich told FBN during its primary election coverage Tuesday. “Just six months ago, there were six folks apprehended from Middle Eastern countries from Pakistan and Afghanistan at our border. I know when you talk to the ranchers down there, they’re concerned because they have found coins from the Middle East.”

Perhaps most disturbing, Brnovich noted, is the surge in money transfers to the Middle East.

“We’ve seen a huge spike in money transfers coming from places like Nogales on the border, to Middle Eastern countries,” said Brnovich. “And so, folks are are worried about it, not only from an economic perspective, but from a national security perspective.”

A prayer rug found at the US southern border


This problem has been escalating for quite some time now and it’s not by accident – it’s by design. O is flooding our country with muslims to bring this overly superior (in his opinion) nation to her knees and lower it to the level of third world countries. If we don’t elect the correct president and put a stop to this, it won’t be long before we’re living under the same conditions that we’re seeing in much of Europe, who are also living under liberal governments with backwards priorities.

At first it was mainly immigrants from Mexico and Central America, but as word has spread that the welcome mat is out, now we’re seeing an increase in immigrants from the Middle East, just as we expected we would. He’s tied the hands of our Border Patrol, ICE agents and handed out millions of dollars in grant money to charities so they’ll continue to take in illegal immigrants. His DHS people have implemented numerous new regulations that make it impossible to stop sanctuary cities, and equally difficult for local authorities to cooperate with the federal authorities.

With warm weather here and the summer months coming up, traffic will only increase, as will money transfers to the ME. That money will bring more of them here and next will be increased crime and possibly more terrorist attacks similar to San Bernardino, Paris and Brussels.

We desperately need a president who will push Congress to fix this nightmare O’s created, and yesterday wouldn’t be too soon.



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  1. I do think that Trump will secure the border if elected. He’s always had a “touch base” amnesty program, so the deportations will be limited in actuality. The rest of his tough talk on the issue is mere bluster. But that could change when actual terrorist threats and actions start to occur on HIS watch, because history will judge him on his reactions. His image is everything to him!!


    • You make a great point, Curtis – his image is one of his top priorities. It had better be a big enough priority to force him to follow through on those campaign promises, otherwise he’ll be booed and hissed at from every supporter in the country. His little hands will be fall off from tweeting out all those insults.


    • Agree, I DO think that Trump will “secure” the border. In fact, I believe that any new president (even to some extent, Hillary) will reinstate all of the immigration laws that are already on the books and instruct the Border Patrol to stop and arrest illegals. All they have to do is rescind Obama’s impediments to stopping illegals to begin to have an impact. Where we go from there may be different depending on who the POTUS actually is at the time. I think that either Cruz or Trump will build a wall, and deport illegals, probably not Hillary.


  2. Unfortunately, to a great extent this is human nature at work. When things have been relatively peaceful in our area for awhile, we grow complacent and forget about distasteful things like terrorist attacks. Yes, they’re still happening, but that’s in Europe, not here.

    Well, we had better wake up because the absolute lunacy exhibited by Barack Obama won’t be fully blamed until after he’s left office and we suffer terrorist attacks by those who slipped in when his lax border policies made it easy. God only knows how many are plotting their evil actions right now. It is PAST TIME to be profiling for radical Islamic terrorists – and that doesn’t mean harassing little old ladies, it means being very wary of young Middle-Eastern men from areas known to be hotbeds of terrorism. They’re more apt to bring terroristic activities to our land than anything positive.


  3. I’m afraid Cruz is the only one we should trust with immigration. He has the common sense and Constitutional base in his thinking and actions. Trump, I’m afraid, will bow to prevailing pressures from other politicians, businesses. He loves to entertain but when it comes to action on his rhetoric, I haven’t seen any. Maybe I’m missing it.

    The damage that has already been done is so immense, I wonder at the possibility of rectifying it. Once the barn door’s open…


    • No, you’re not missing a thing, tannngl. Trump is all talk and he says stuff he cannot do. On the other hand, Cruz has been there and knows what he needs to do to get Congress’ cooperation.

      There’s something like 3 million illegals just in California alone, and it would be impossible to round up and deport those, let alone the others scattered everywhere. We have to secure the border and stop the visas first to shut off the flow, then address the ones already here.


  4. We warn our children about the dangers of doing stupid, dangerous things but all too often they don’t listen and will only learn their lessons when they experience the pain and consequences firsthand. Liberals share that same mentality. It’s all good until it happens to them personally. Until then they’re too busy proving to us how much more tolerant they are to notice the suffering that others are enduring or take the warnings seriously. That’s why they don’t care about what’s happening at the border. We had a brief moment after 9-11 when it actually sunk in, but it didn’t last long because liberals have attention spans like children as well. It’s going to take another horrific tragedy and much more suffering before another brief moment of sanity occurs, I’m afraid.


    • I’ve thought the same thing, CW, and I hope we’re wrong. If we elect a president who will actually pursue securing the border, perhaps he could guilt Congress into approving it too. He’d have to push them to think of their fellow citizens first instead of the invaders. To hear Trump tell it, he can do just about everything, so he ought to be good at it, ha!


      • As a matter of fact, I’m surprised that Trump even admits that a wall will be needed, you’d think that he could just WILL the illegals to stay away by the force of his massive intellect – kinda like a force-field of awesome smartness [extreme sarcasm].


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