Proposed Constitutional Amendments, Part 2

constitution 02

As our federal government has lost all Constitutional bounds, and the movement to convene an Article V convention of the States grows, The Crawfish hereby presents a series of Constitutional Amendment proposals. This will be a 5-part series, 3 proposed Amendments per day, with your comments on those specific proposals, and the 5th part being an open discussion over the whole series and your own proposals.

Today, I present proposals 4-6

4) The Department of Defense replaces the Department of War as a Cabinet level Executive Branch Department. The Department of Defense will have authority over the Army, Navy (including Marine Corps), Air Force, Coast Guard (in times and theaters of conflict), and any future military service formed as necessitated by advancements in science and technology.

a) As advancements in technology have changed how war is fought since the origins of our Nation, the Constitutional restrictions on a permanent standing military are hereby removed. A professional core will always now be a necessity for an effective military force.

5) No ordinances, rules, or regulations that carry the force of law may be put in place by an Executive Branch entity without being voted upon by Congress and signed into law by the President. At the time of this Amendment’s ratification, only those that affect public safety, such as many of those from the Department of Transportation, OSHA, the Centers for Disease Control, and those that Congress deems within that realm shall remain in place until they can be fully debated and codified by Congress. All others are null and void immediately.

6) Members of Congress shall be limited to a total of 18 years of service combined in the House of Representatives and the Senate. Those who have exceeded that time period at the time of this Amendment’s ratification shall finish out their current elected terms and then be barred from future Congressional service.

That’s 2 of the 5 parts of this series. Again, I ask that the comments today are about these 3 proposals only. The time to add your own comes Friday, so you still have time to work and rework your ideas.


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4 replies

  1. 4. Correct, but DoD has a lot more now than a Navy, a part-time Army, and militias. This Amendment brings our military Constitutionally into a modern age.

    5. Partially because of Obama’s EOs, but mostly because of all of the power and regulations that have accumulated in the IRS, EPA, and every other Executive Branch organization. The Constitution gives that power to Congress, period. This clarifies what should not need clarifying.

    6. Still less than an E-6 military career. Allows for some continuity so that Congress doesn’t become a bunch of reactionary rookies.


    • The only thing that I’d quibble with is #6. You note an E-6 career – that’s the point, the military is an honorable career option. The founders never envisioned that Congress would be a career – they expected part-time legislators who would serve their country for a while and return to their “real” careers when their term was up. The only question we have is how long that term would be. It’s certainly worth discussing.


      • E-6 career is 20, which is the minimum that I would allow (with medical exceptions) to be pension-eligible for anybody in government service… NO PENSIONS for Congress or POTUS.
        House, I could knock down.


  2. 4. Crawfish, pardon my ignorance, but since we do have a cabinet level Secretary of Defense now, is the proposal just to change the terminology referenced as Department of War in some (old) documents to Department of Defense?

    5. This one appears to be addressing Obama’s many Executive Orders and such, is that right? Assuming that’s the case, you’ve got 100% support from me on this one.

    6. This is one that many of us have been salivating over for decades – term limits. My only quibble is that you’re giving Senators 3 terms and House members 9. I’d be happier with shorter careers, like two (12 years) for a Senator and perhaps 6 (12 years) for representatives.

    I looked at our current crop of Senators and applied the 3 term (18 year) limit, here are the current Republican Senators who would already be GONE!

    Orrin Hatch, Thad Cochran, Chuck Grassley, MITCH MCCONNELL, Richard Shelby, JOHN MCCAIN, Jim Inhofe, Pat Roberts.

    In addition, a few choice democrats would be gone too: Pat Leahy, Barbara Mikulski, HARRY REID, Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Patty Murray.

    All in all, a most worthwhile flush of the porcelain convenience to see that bunch circle the drain and disappear.

    If only …


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