Is Trump Afraid to Go One on One with Cruz?

From The Daily Wire:


The Cruz campaign blasted Donald Trump for ducking a debate next week, accusing the frontrunner of being too “scared” to face Cruz man-to-man.

Trump said recently that he was looking forward to a “one-on-one” battle with Cruz, but now that the race has essentially come to that, it doesn’t appear that he’s too interested in facing Cruz on the debate stage. Now the Cruz camp is publicly shaming Trump for dodging his opponent.

“Let’s be intellectually honest about what’s going on here – Donald Trump is scared to debate Ted Cruz next week,” said Cruz spokesman Ron Nehring. “Perhaps Mr. Trump is unable to speak for more than one minute about any given topic because of his shallow understanding of basic policies, or perhaps he is scared of voters learning the truth – that he has spent his entire adult life promoting liberal positions completely opposite of the conservative platform that he has campaigned on. Mr. Trump, if you won’t debate in Utah, we’ll bring the debate to you.”

“Donald can’t duck us for the rest of this campaign,’ Nerhring added, “and so we will happily press the issue until the public pressure becomes too much for him to bear. Anytime, anyplace…let’s do it, Donald.”

The challenge follows Trump’s decision not to attend a Fox News debate that was scheduled for next Monday. Saying “we’ve had enough debates,” Trump announced that he was not going, opting instead to speak at a three-day conference (which he could have still attended on a different day) hosted by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

As The Daily Wire‘s Hank Berrien noted Wednesday, Trump has far more reasons to avoid a debate with Cruz than to engage in one, namely that he’s got everything to lose and nothing to win, he’d get creamed by the far more competent debater, and submitting to a debate would undermine his appearance of “control over his world.”


Trump refused (again) to participate in the Fox debate because of Megyn Kelly. If he can’t stand up to uncomfortable questions from her, how could he survive a debate with Ted Cruz, but more importantly, how would he fare with leaders of other countries, some of them hostile to the US?

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, center, smiles during a news conference with conservative Congressional Republicans who persuaded the House leadership to include defunding the Affordable Care Act as part of legislation to prevent a government shutdown, at the Capitol in Washington, Thursday, Sept. 19, 2013. Sen. Cruz is flanked by Rep. Matt Salmon, R-Ariz., left, and Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, right. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)Donald knows it would be impossible for him to compete with Ted when talking policy, procedure protocols and heaven forbid he should have to discuss the Constitution and the amendments, so the best way to avoid that is to declare there’s been enough debates.

Were he to bulldoze his way through to secure the nomination, his 10 word vocabulary will fail him miserably when he comes up against Hillary, who’s made a career of talking in circles while saying nothing and has had far more practice than he has.

His slogan of ‘make America great again’ is sounding as hollow as ‘hope and change’. It could mean anything or nothing at all and apparently his supporters are okay with that.


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  1. If I was Trump’s campaign advisor, there’s no way that I’d let The Donald anywhere near a one-on-one debate with Ted Cruz.

    He won’t do it. He’s invested too much time trying to convince people that he is brilliant; blessed with clairvoyance and precognition and he is invincible; no one beats him – ever – at anything.

    A debate with Cruz would expose his considerable inadequacies to public scrutiny and would burst his hot-air-filled balloon and send his campaign crashing to earth.

    He’s got his Kool-Aid Klan firmly in his Kamp and isn’t about to do anything to diminish their blind, cult-like devotion.

    Place your bets; he won’t do it.


    • No bet here, Garnet. Trump would have to speak on specifics instead of his broad generalizations, and prove to all his bots what we already know – that he’s out of his league when it comes to Government 101.


  2. Whatever excuse Trump gives it’s clear that he knows he would fare poorly in a one on one debate against Cruz. His decision not to debate (and to blame it on Megyn Kelly – how lame) is probably the smartest decision for him. Cruz should get out there every chance he can get and say, “Here’s where I stand on the role of government, on Obamacare, on the importance of restoring the Constitution……etc., followed by, “Where does Trump stand? We don’t know because he’s running away from a head to head debate.” Say it loud and say it often.

    You said, “[Trump’s] slogan of ‘make America great again’ is sounding as hollow as ‘hope and change’. It could mean anything or nothing at all and apparently his supporters are okay with that.”

    Bingo! True that!


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