Donald Trump = Barack Obama with a comb-over?


While reading an article on by Matthew Continetti titled, “President Obama is a Political Narcissist,” I was struck by the similarities between Obama and Trump. I’ve long held the notion that Barack Obama was a narcissist and in the past year, I come to believe the same thing about Donald Trump. Here are a couple of paragraphs snipped from the article describing President Obama:

It’s not just ideology that drives Obama’s cluelessness. It’s narcissism.

Barack Obama knows better. He knows better than the “foreign policy establishment” that his team snidely dismisses as controlled by Jewish and Arab money. He knows better than the elected leaders of Great Britain, France, and Israel, and the monarchs of Saudi Arabia and Jordan, of whom he is so contemptuous. (Angela Merkel of Germany, Goldberg reports, is “one of the few foreign leaders Obama respects.”) And he knows better than his critics, whose arguments he pores over in obsessive detail, coming up with explanations, rebuttals, and straw men to dismiss them.

Why does Obama know better? Not out of any intense study of or reflection on diplomatic and world history and international relations theory. Not because he served in the military or in the diplomatic corps or held senior posts in government prior to election as president. What graces Obama with superior insight and prudence is the simple fact of his own existence. He is his own proof of his superiority.

You tell me. Doesn’t that sound like Donald Trump?

The same Donald Trump whose primary consultant on foreign policy is himself? Here’s what he said when asked on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” who he talks with consistently about foreign policy, Trump responded, “I’m speaking with myself, number one, because I have a very good brain and I’ve said a lot of things. My primary consultant is myself and I have a good instinct for this stuff.”

Contrast that with this: Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz said, “Ted Cruz was off-the-charts brilliant.” Without a doubt he is among the smartest students I’ve ever had… I’ve had great students but he has to be at the top of anyone’s short list, in terms of raw brain power.”  So, the off-the-charts-brilliant Ted Cruz has over 20 advisers to give him input on security and foreign policy, and Donald Trump has decided he only needs himself? Is that not the height of egotism and the hallmark of a narcissist?

I’ve posted articles by learned professionals who offer the opinion that Trump is a narcissist. I’ve posted the classification criteria for the diagnosis of narcissism from the APA’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) and by the criteria, he’s definitely a narcissist.

And that’s not the only similarity between Trump and Obama. We all remember the bald-faced lies that Obama has told the country, they’re too numerous to mention. Donald Trump also has a problem with the truth.

I’ve posted articles containing ratings by two fact-checking operations, both of which chronicled the extent of Donald Trump’s penchant for lying and exaggerating. PolitiFact rated 77% of his statements as “mostly false,” “false,” or “pants on fire,” while only finding 22% of his statements were true or partially true.

And here’s what FactCheck has to say: “In the 12 years of’s existence, we’ve never seen his match.” “He stands out not only for the sheer number of his factually false claims, but also for his brazen refusals to admit error when proven wrong.” “So, for the first time, we confer the title ‘King of Whoppers’ to Donald Trump.”

I offer this comparison to give voters a preview of what we can expect from a man who is not only a proven liar and exaggerator extraordinaire, but like President Obama, is also a full blown narcissist.

[And for those of you in Rio Linda, a narcissist is someone who has a grandiose sense of self-importance, is preoccupied with unlimited success and power, believes that he is special and unique, requires excessive admiration, and has a strong sense of entitlement.]

Barack Obama has shown us what we can expect with a lying narcissist in the White House. The country might not survive another narcissist at the helm.

Think about it – think long and hard. This is a decision that will affect your children and grandchildren for decades to come – it’s that serious.

Please make the RIGHT decision and keep Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago and out of the White House.



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  1. Trump is the vanilla version of O, except that his past isn’t obscure or sealed off from the public. His past is wide open and tells us what to expect in the future with him as president. For FactCheck to say that Trump is the king of whoppers, after 7+ years of O and his lies is quite yuge.

    Another yuge effect he’ll have on our grandkids is the choice(s) he’ll make for the Supreme Court. Being treated nicely is very important to Trump, so his decision could be based on who’s nice to him instead of who’s best qualified for the job.


    • Well, that’s what Trump promises – that he’s the BEST at EVERYTHING. Unfortunately, being the best LIAR isn’t a good thing. Being the best EXAGGERATOR isn’t a good thing either. He’s already amassed a portfolio of lies and exaggerations that surpass just about every other politician on the planet, and he’s proud of it?

      You’re absolutely spot on – being nice to Donald is critical to getting along with him, and perhaps the most important aspect in vetting a SC Justice? That’s scary.


  2. Ha! Just commented in another of your posts on Trump’s belief he didn’t need anyone for national security. He talks to himself!

    He really bears a close resemblance to Obama! No question. In many ways.


    • Can you believe that? He responds to a question by saying that he advises himself – and we, the people, are supposed to accept that as satisfactory? He really is over-the-top chock full of egotism – and that’s not just unattractive, it’s downright DANGEROUS!

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