Our NEW Civil War

Make no mistake about it; we are slap-dab in the middle of a new civil war in this country. It’s not a formally declared war and it might be lurking just below the surface, but it is a battle nonetheless.

We have two factions at war with each other to determine the future of the United States.

On one side, we have the informed, politically aware portion of the citizenry.

While they listen to what our national leaders are saying and what the talking heads and pundits allow, they don’t assume they’re being told the truth, instead they dig deeper, seeking to verify the veracity of what is said.

There is a long-held belief about politicians: that is that they lie. The vast majority of the public believes that. It may be cynical, but to most of our population, it is the truth.

Why then would so many allow themselves to be taken in by a politician’s statements?

It doesn’t take long to identify which politicians play fast and loose with facts. The informed citizen lives by the admonition to distrust, and verify. That admonition holds true regardless of the political party of the politician.

There’s an old adage in the computer world: “garbage in, garbage out,” which means that without good, clean, valid input, it’s impossible to render a good, clean, valid output. That is true of any decision. Without real facts, one simply can’t make a good decision.

The informed army is armed with facts when making decisions about issues of the day.

On the other side, there are the uninformed; the army of the unknowing and uncaring – the “low information voters.”

They don’t really understand what is going on, nor do they care enough to be curious, they’re too engrossed with NCIS, Dancing with the Stars, or Honey Boo Boo to be bothered. While they do care about the results and how those results will affect them, they simply aren’t engaged enough to recognize that they’re being sold a handful of magic beans.

They aren’t well informed and often, when interviewed on the street, can’t even name our three branches of government, or how many Supreme Court Justices sit on the court. And what’s worse, they won’t exert any effort to learn the facts about the issues facing the country in order to cast a more informed vote.

They’ll overhear a few snippets of news from the media news outlets or get their knowledge of current events from late night comedy shows and that’s about the extent of their knowledge of what’s happening in D.C., to their tax money and to their freedoms.

Their opinions are formed by hearing media sound bites, but they never challenge the veracity of what they’re being told. They are being influenced by those with a vested interest in slanting the “news” to favor a liberal agenda – and they blindly accept it.

They are essentially puppets; but unfortunately, puppets who vote.

And their vote counts the same as a citizen who has been engaged and informed. One who has studied, read, considered pros and cons, and arrived at a reasoned conclusion based on facts and truth.

It doesn’t really seem fair, does it?

Consider for a moment how engaged our founders were. They risked “their lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor” to create our United States. And many of them lost their lives, fortunes, and were castigated for their actions. Consider our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines, weren’t they engaged? Many were so engaged, that they lost their lives protecting our way of life.

Is it too much to expect that a voting citizen be at least minimally informed when exercising his or her civic duty?

Some may disagree, but it is my firm conviction that if the electorate had been fully informed of the qualifications and character of the candidates for President in 2008, Barack Obama wouldn’t have been elected the first time, much less for a second term. The so-called fourth estate purposefully insulated him from any negatives and built him up to be the country’s savior. Now, because they’re afraid of losing their façade of infallibility, they can’t admit that they were wrong – and so they double down and continue to support him – ignoring his readily apparent inadequacies.

So here we are again, tumbling head over heels into another crisis. We, the informed, are trying to do the right thing for the future of our country, our children and grandchildren. But we’re being blamed for all manner of ills by the propaganda machine. And the uninformed are accepting statements made by the president and his sycophants as being the gospel truth when, in fact, much of what they’re saying are intentional lies and/or obfuscations.

The other side has been winning battle after battle based on ignorance alone. And the other side’s generals know that they can depend on the ignorance of their army of puppets to win the day simply based on their numbers.

Actually, the uninformed army of LIVs isn’t literally told what to do or how to vote, they’re simply herded like sheep towards a desired conclusion by the media’s choice of what they reveal and what they hide. Even when some anti-administration subject can’t be ignored by the media, they’ll influence their army’s opinion by a judicious choice of words describing the subject (it’s called “spin”).

We are in a vulnerable position when our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and our economic well-being are all being jeopardized by the votes of an army of uninformed puppets.

The only way we can win this not-so-civil war is to break through and inform a sizeable number of the previously uninformed opposition about the issues confronting our country and depend on facts, truth, and informed common sense to prevail.

The battle of 2014 looms large.

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  1. I keep waiting for critical mass among the outraged.




    • Thanks for stopping by, Beverly. I don’t think that we’ll know when that happens until it’s made apparent by an election – like, perhaps, the 2014? Personally, I have high hopes for making inroads then by taking the Senate. It’s anybody’s guess about 2016 – depends on who runs.


  2. There is a horde of LIVs on the right, too. I think we need to be very careful not to assume that all the politically uninformed are sitting on the left. I don’t know what the ratio is (that is a question best answered by a polling agency, if anyone cared to run it), but I am certain that there are many single-issue and low-info voters in the South and the Central Plains who are voting without a clue as to the larger political stakes of that vote. My guess would be that the more informed you are, regardless of your basic ideology, the more you will reject radical leftism (even if you believe in the stated goals of the democrat party)…but I would be curious how the numbers actually stack up.

    I think the real civil war in the making here is the battle between people who inherently trust the state and the people who inherently distrust it. The sooner the GOP realizes that the tea-party is a reaction to failed GOP ideas as well as the far left, the sooner the GOP can return to a more popular position and score some political victories.


    • I do appreciate your visit SABR Matt, and especially your insightful comment. Of course, not all of the unformed are on the left, but in all honesty, I’ll happily take any uninformed soul who will vote for a conservative candidate. I too would be interested in what the distribution would look like, between uninformed (left and right) and informed (again, left and right). You’d think that a major campaign brain trust would have that information.
      Your last statement is especially pithy (love that word) and is the crux of my piece – that trusting a government is a fool’s errand without verifying that what we’re told is true. Since many/most conservatives distrust the government based on their history of lies and obfuscation, we ARE the informed ones.

      I think that most of the GOP KNOWS that the Tea Party’s position is correct, but the RINOs value the perks of royalty too much to change their actions (until fear of losing an primary FORCES them to cuddle up with conservatives). Once elected, too many Republicans decide to blend in with the established leadership and honor the club’s “rules.” There are only two rules: 1)get reelected and 2) see rule one.


  3. Mrs. AL, why would you think that your perceptions wouldn’t be welcome? I respect and value your input on any subject – so please, tell us more.


  4. Mrs AL, you said, ” I seriously doubt anyone wants to hear my perceptions on developing effective communication strategies/tactics. ”
    Believe me. An honest person may not like the truth, but they’ll handle it and work with it. AND, only by putting ideas out there, can those ideas be honestly evaluated and validated, or shown false. But here again, another point / principle comes into play: “By Whose Standards~!~?”
    Personally, I want to know what you think, whether I agree with it or not. Either way, I’ll be honest.


    • Thanx, Grouchy, but it is a bit longish and frankly, I don’t have the ability to write “long” with as much clarity as ya’ll. That’s why I said what I did. And I know I can count on you and others to give due consideration and effective critique of any idea. That’s why I am comfortable here and at Nox’s place. I don’t deal with everyone walking in lock-step in any context. A personal peeve.


      • Mrs. AL, I replied to your reply to Grouchy but this stooped software misplaced it above – so here’s what I said, “Mrs. AL, why would you think that your perceptions wouldn’t be welcome? I respect and value your input on any subject – so please, tell us more.”


  5. Really well done, Garnet.

    I agree with a lot of what you wrote, and certainly that we’re in an undeclared and so far pretty bloodless civil war. But I think the problem is much more profound than whether or not the citizenry is informed.

    An ignorant electorate surely is problematic, just as you wrote. The Founders never envisioned universal suffrage, and for exactly those reasons. People who weren’t stakeholders would never be informed enough, or have enough personally at risk, to vote wisely. That’s why voters of that era had to be people who actually owned property, or a business, or were merchants, or someone of substance who was a taxpayer.

    But even putting all of that aside, there are plenty of people who are actually VERY well informed, and yet still vote Dem/socialist. The problem isn’t their information level. The problem is their belief system.

    Quite simply, they don’t believe in freedom.

    THEY think other people are too stupid to make wise choices for themselves, so they believe the government should do it for them. They believe government is the answer for all problems. They’re perfectly comfortable ignoring the history of government’s failure to do such a thing, believing it’s only because government has never gone far ENOUGH. They’re elitists; meddling do-gooders, who want to force OTHERS to live in a fashion of which THEY approve… through government diktat.


    • Thanks for visiting Brian. Your point is well taken and I may revise the post to cover the point. That is, that not all of our opposition is uninformed and that’s certainly true, but my point is that even if they remain both informed and in opposition to us, we can still win if we’re able to convince enough of the uninformed that our position is right. Winning over those who are philosophically entrenched in their elitist mindset would be almost impossible. I think that there is a significant percentage of the voting population who fall into that “uninformed” category. I watched a bunch of “man on the street” interviews recently and brought up the subject with a bunch of friends and I was surprised that two of them professed that they didn’t really follow politics and that both parties are the same. One guy didn’t even recognize Ted Cruz’s name. Those two were uninformed, but they were disgusted with what’s going on in DC. That’s what prompted the post.


    • In a word, Brian, they’re Marxist, Socialist, or Leninist,,, or all three combined. I believe in giving a person a hand UP, until they can stand on their own, but I’ll be damned if I’ll support them the rest their life while they sit on their tush drinking my Johnny Walker Black~!


    • Garnet, Fogie, I agree with all of your points. Yep, Fogie, they are indeed Marxist/Leninist. No doubt about that.

      Garnet, I think the biggest obstacle to successfully informing the uninformed isn’t just their information level.

      Unfortunately, a huge swath of them are simply “takers”. The mooches who live off other people’s sweat. It wouldn’t matter at all whether they ever actually “got it” or not, because they’ll vote their pocketbooks, which means they’ll basically keep voting for their freebies. The handouts they expect and DEMAND as their due.

      That’s why I so often refer to the “Tytler Cycle”, which essentially says that when the population awakes to the fact that they can vote to themselves money from the public treasury, democracies fail. I don’t think “informing” them will ever overcome the human nature aspect.

      That was one of the things I found so ironic about Romney’s run for President. I didn’t think much of him as a candidate, but he got one thing EXACTLY right when he said that thing about “the 47%”. Of course, he got beaten over the head with that quote… but that doesn’t mean he was wrong. He wasn’t. It was just an unfortunate truth that the Left never wants to have acknowledged.


      • Another good point, Brian. I disagree slightly in that I don’t think that those voters recognize that their votes are direct draws on the treasury, they’re voting for those candidates that promise them things – of course, the end result is the same, but they then they come to “worship” the “giver” as a deity, as in Barackyou Obama. After slicing off the “informed, but misguided,” and the “Tytler cycle” groups, I wish I could quantify how many otherwise well meaning but uninformed people remain to be turned around?


      • Yeah, I think THAT really is the question. Because the answer will tell us whether or not there really is any hope of saving this country.

        I gotta tell you, when I think of the changes that have taken place just in my lifetime, I am NOT optimistic.


      • You’re right, I’m an old-timer and when I think back to the way “things were,” it is hard to be optimistic about where we’ll be in a few years. Sure we’re awash with technological marvels that surpass the science fiction of my day, but honesty, civility, and responsibility have eroded so badly that even WHAT SHOULD BE our “best and brightest” representatives are bums and can’t get along. Instead, we’re subjected to the Kabuki theater that is congress.


  6. EXCELLENT essay. We only lose when we STOP fighting back and WE ARE WINNING!


    • Great to hear from you Gunny! And you’re 100% right – we CAN’T stop fighting back – our problem is the wishy-washy RINOs in congress who roll over whenever somebody barks at them. We need more Lee and Cruz types to take the fight to THEM.


  7. You mean to tell me Jack and the Beanstalk wasn’t a true story? WTF!!! Next thing, you’re gonna say obamacare isn’t free, that the border fence hasn’t been built and that Barack Obama isn’t an American! I suppose the whole recount of King Arthur and the Holy Grail was BS too? But you want me to believe that a relative handful of men having the support of just 3% of the colonists committed an act of treason against the Crown, started a revolution based on a belief they possessed rights that came from GOD in heaven not government and actually lived to tell about it? Jeeeze, What a story that would be!

    Great post Garnet!


    • Good to hear from you Shock! If you think that would be a hard story to swallow, how about a half-black ineffective community organizer, never-tried-a-case attorney, a state senator known for voting “present” 130 times, getting elected as a U.S. Senator and almost immediately begins campaigning for POTUS … and he WINS.

      Talk about fairy tales…..


  8. I agree with both of Garnet and Mrs AL. HOWEVER, I would add this. Curiosity is a necessary part of life. And the information can be placed (AS IT WAS FOR DISCERNING INDIVIDUALS) in front of people for their edification. BUT, if prejudice and willful refusal to see the evidence prevails, Not even GOD Himself can change the outcome (Free Will being determinate here).
    The information on Obama was publicly available in 2004, as a state senator for Illinois, and in 2007, in “Audacity of Hope”, and in the campaigns of 2008, by his own statements.
    “Let those with ears, hear.” And they did. But the “Low information voters” were overjoyed at the prospects of “Hope” and “Change” – One they lost all chance for (Hope), and one is a change to Totalitarianism.
    The question now is begged to be asked, “Where do we go from here?” Wherever and HOWEVER it is, I am sorely afraid it ain’t gonna be pretty.

    And Mrs. AL, Communication is a two-way street. One can talk til they’re blue in the face, but if the other is, “LA LA LA LA LA I CAN’T HEAR YOU~! LA LA LA LA LA”, well, that’s communication, as well. And the results and consequences are going to be pitiful to behold.


    • Can’t disagree Grouchy, we all knew about Obama long before his campaign for POTUS, but anything negative fell on deaf ears. He was anointed by the media and every black person was determined to see a (half) black President. There was little we could do to overcome the forces aligned against us. BUT, how the hell could they elect him AGAIN, after his mismanagement during his first term? They were sold that our troubles were “all George Bush’s fault” and Barry was “turning things around” – and they believed him. It is remarkable how effective an accomplished liar can be in convincing the unengaged masses – and Barry is a perfect example of a snake-oil salesman.


  9. As always, Garnet, a great read. My compliments. You must have the patience of a saint to put your posts together. Clearly I do not. Ok … on to comments.

    After reading my first thought was, is this “civil war” or something else? While the title does invite the reader in, I am more reminded of the Revolutionary War. I just may be an oddball.

    And weren’t the founders back in the day actually a “minority” of the population? Weren’t they about a third (with one-third wanting to remain under the King and a third oblivious to what was happening?). And doesn’t that fact make their sacrifice for all even more important? Again, I could be way off base. Been many years since I actually buried myself in the history of the founding per se.

    And last (I heard that sigh of relief!), don’t we need to find an effective way to communicate with the voters? Communicate in a way that leads them to conclude they are being led off a cliff? Seems to me that hasn’t been done very effectively during the latter half of my 60 years.

    See what happens when you post something so good? The kooks come out of the woodwork — haha.


    • Of course, I’m mixing metaphors to make a point and civil war is used to entice a reader. And while you’re right on the founders, my point was to note how engaged they were (as opposed to the unengaged). And once again, your point is well taken – how do we communicate to those who aren’t interested in listening. I wish I knew. I know that is the big problem and while we bloggers do our little bit, we do need some more effective way of breaking through the fog of disinterest. I wish I were smart enough to know how.


      • I seriously doubt anyone wants to hear my perceptions on developing effective communication strategies/tactics. So I will only say that it begins with understanding the issue(s) from the target audience’s point of view. Absent that, the “fog,” as it is called, cannot be penetrated.


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